Welcome to OTHEA

OTHEA is provided by a network of radiation protection stakeholders who have a joint interest in sharing feedback and experience from radiological incidents, in order to improve the protection of persons working with similar radiation sources. More generally, the aim is to encourage good practice within different sectors - medical and veterinary, industrial, research and education sectors, etc. The incidents reports are anonymous and have been selected on the basis of those which provide interesting and useful lessons, to help others prevent such incidents and/or mitigate the consequences.

Who OTHEA is for?

OTHEA is intended to be of use to:

  • Persons working with ionising radiation sources in industry, education and research, and in the medical and veterinary field,
  • Radiation Protection Experts, Advisers, Officers and Supervisors,
  • Other parties with an interest in radiation incidents, such as occupational heath doctors, safety officers, etc.

Submit an Incident

If you would like to submit an incident report for inclusion on OTHEA, download the questionnaire, complete it and send it to: Sharon Ely:



I would like to use the database

Check the reports

You are free to use and disseminate the reports, for example as part of a programme of radiation protection training. However, please ensure that you acknowledge OTHEA as the source.

If you notice something wrong in a report, please contact us. We are also interested by your feedback on the use of the reports.

What is an incident?

For OTHEA, incidents reports are selected on the basis of the value of sharing the lessons learned. Therefore, a broad variety of incidents may be included: not just incidents and accidents, but also any situation, event, behaviour or anomaly with the potential to cause an unplanned radiation exposure, or a significant decrease in the existing standard of radiation protection. This could include "near misses", contamination spills (whether people wer exposed or not) as well as more serious radiological incidents. OTHEA does not include nuclear, or nuclear-related, incidents.