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Reports Industrial Non-destructive testing
Non-destructive testing
Reports Country of origin Available languages
Incident involving radiation injury from gamma NDT source exchange France drapeau anglais drapeau francais
Incident during the retraction of a gamma NDT source France drapeau anglais drapeau francais
Detached source with automated gamma NDT exposure equipment France drapeau anglais drapeau francais
Persons exposed due to failing to wind in NDT source between shots France drapeau anglais drapeau francais
Iridium-192 source stuck outside container due to equipment misuse France drapeau anglais drapeau francais
Industrial radiography: collection of incidents involving unauthorised persons in the controlled area France drapeau anglais drapeau francais
Exposure to persons during gamma radiography of a barge France drapeau anglais drapeau francais
Exposure to persons in poorly defined radiography controlled area France drapeau francais
People entered radiography controlled area France drapeau francais
Lost radiography source leading to exposure of many personnel United-Kingdom
drapeau francais drapeau anglais
Deterministic injuries to radiographers hand United-Kingdom
drapeau francais drapeau anglais
Industrial radiography guide tube damaged during use led to high exposure United-Kingdom drapeau anglais
Gamma NDT overexposure from non-retracted source United-Kingdom drapeau anglais
Drilling through a thulium-170 gamma NDT source producing widespread contamination United-Kingdom drapeau anglais drapeau francais
Unauthorized gamma radiography exposes site welders United-Kingdom drapeau anglais
Recovery of gamma NDT sources - 3 examples United-Kingdom drapeau anglais
Entry in cobalt-60 radiography compound with source exposed United-Kingdom drapeau anglais
Radiographer exposed due to pooor communication between teams working at same time United-Kingdom drapeau anglais
Poorly maintained radiography container - workers exposed United-Kingdom drapeau anglais drapeau francais
Gamma radiography source stolen and dumped in canal United-Kingdom drapeau anglais
Gamma NDT source disconnected - radiographers exposed between radiographs United-Kingdom drapeau anglais
Industrial radiography enclosure - failure of door interlock United-Kingdom
drapeau anglais
Failure of automated wind-out system in gamma radiography enclosures: 2 examples United-Kingdom drapeau anglais
Unusually high recorded doses - 4 examples from industrial radiography United-Kingdom drapeau anglais
drapeau anglais
drapeau francais drapeau anglais
drapeau francais
drapeau francais drapeau anglais
Overexposure of welders due to temporary loss of ytterbium-169 (Yb-169) source
drapeau francais drapeau anglais
Exposure during industrial radiography that causes an annual regulatory limit to be exceeded
drapeau francais
Exposure to X-rays during work in a bunker
drapeau francais
Exposure of a worker during NDT of tubes in a gas facility
drapeau francais

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